Xpedition Concepts ProVent Kit

Many people ask me “Why should I fit a catch can to my vehicle?”

And the simple answer is that it helps to remove oil that mixes with EGR soot/ sludge that will build up in your engines intake manifold. 

Now there is a lot to consider when purchasing a ProVent and/or kit including what is the best option for your vehicle. I share this article to help explain the need for a ProVent and why the Xpedition Concepts designed kit should be considered an option in comparison to other products on the market.

What is a ProVent catch can?

Simply a ProVent, or otherwise known as a Catch Can, is a device that removes the oil from the vapour from the engines crankcase and stores contaminated oil in the device for it to be collected and disposed of safely. This allows oil free air to return to the engine.

Provent catch can

Why do I need a ProVent for my vehicle?

Basically having a ProVent fitted to your vehicle saves on maintenance costs and engine performance issues down the track.

In the early days, old school diesels used to vent the excess crankcase pressure out through the rocker cover to the atmosphere via a pipe running down the side of the block and dropping the vapour onto the ground. There wasn’t too much vapour then because the engines weren’t turbo charged and the crankcase wasn’t being overly pressurised.

Due to today’s modern emission laws, and the use of turbo chargers to get more power from smaller capacity engines, crankcase pressures are higher. The crankcase vapour must return to the intake of the engine before the turbo charger where there is a vacuum created. The oil vapour travels through the turbo charger/s then through the intercooler/s where it can coat the internals of intercooler with oil which is a thermal insulator and reducing the intercoolers ability to cool the charge air. The oil continues down into the intake manifold where it mixes with the exhaust soot from the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR).

The EGR is another emission control system where the engine recirculates a certain amount of exhaust gases (depending on throttle input and speed) and by doing so the engine can significantly reduce the amount of NOX gasses produced out the exhaust which is good for the environment. When the EGR soot and oil vapor mix in the intake manifold, the material builds up slowly blocking off the intake ports to the head/s, covering critical engine management sensors and reducing engine performance.

In regard to the legalities of engine emission modifications: it is illegal to modify or blank off the EGR system but not illegal to install a quality catch can such as a ProVent 200 to remove the oil from the crankcase vapour and dispose of the oil in a safe manner.

Why should I consider the Xpedition Concepts ProVent Kit?

We precisely designed our catch can kit to ensure maximum functionality for space and efficiency. 

Firstly, the placement of the ProVent was the contributing factor for the Xpedition Concepts design and in particular for the Series 200 Landcruiser.   It was ideal to mount the ProVent out of the way being behind the grille, in front of the Radiator and underneath the intercooler ducting panel. 

Secondly, to ensure the hoses were as short, straight and direct as possible from the engine to the catch can to ensure no liquid oil could pool in the hoses.

200 series provent hoses

Lastly and the most important factor was space under the bonnet.  Anyone who has looked under the bonnet of a 200 series Landcruiser understands that space is limited when additional accessories are fitted.

What is included in an Xpedition Concepts ProVent Kit?

Xpedition Concepts Provent Kit

An important addition to the Xpedition Concepts ProVent Kit is the ‘All in One’ moulded hose.  We have designed and manufactured our hoses with reinforcement to prevent deformation with each hose being made from high florine oil resistant silicone with 4 layers of fabric for strength and durability. This was an important improvement for the XC ProVent kit to remove the fitting and clamp kit combination.  Not only does this ensure the hoses are short and direct as possible but it also meets the mounting requirements for the genuine Mann and Hummel ProVent. 

The hoses are clamped to the engine and ProVent utilising automotive spring clamps for constant tension and have a factory appearance. The ProVent system isn’t exposed to any pressure to require a high clamping force clamp.

We have also designed the Xpedition Concepts ProVent bracket which is made from 304 2mm Stainless steel.   The bracket placement was important to maintain clearance of certain components under the bonnet such as the air-conditioning pipework, charge ports, the electric fan shroud and grille support panel. It is a tight fit especially in the Landcruiser pre facelift models 2007- 2015.

The XC ProVent kit utilises a genuine Mann and Hummel ProVent 200 as it has the highest efficiency rating of any oil separator currently on the market.

The drain hose assembly comprises of 600mm ½” oil resistant clear hose and utilises a ¼” ball valve. The drain hose is long enough to hold enough oil for about 6000kms, but we recommend drain intervals of 5000kms.  My next blog article will provide information on the do’s and don’t of draining. 

Further information

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via the web page or direct.  I’m always happy to chat.  For further product information please refer to my shop page for detailed information. 

Thanks for reading, Angus