Snorkel Installs

Customers Landcruiser 200 Sahara in for a Safari Armax snorkel. Safari’s big Armax snorkel requires a bit of care when fitting to ensure clearances are correct around mounting holes and where rubber joiner comes through inner guard. If the clearances aren’t sufficient in cab droning can be evident around 1800-2000rpm. We take extra care in fitting of all brands of snorkels by using the correct step drills, panel saw for cutting of the large oval hole and correct hole deburr and bare metal treatment to prevent guard from rusting underneath snorkel.

Installing a snorkel is critical if you are going to hit the dirt roads with a Landcruiser 200 series as you want clean air entering the engine as dusting is a very common issue compared to the factory’s airbox entry point above the drivers front wheel where the dust is kicked up off the road.

Every 4WD can benefit from a snorkel as it feeds cleaner air to the engine and protects the engine from possible hydraulic lock if it was to ingest some water during a river crossing.

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