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DCS Lithium Hybrid dual battery system upgrade in a Landcruiser 200 series. This premium dual purpose hybrid system gives you the best of both worlds, huge cranking current with 2600LCA (Lithium crank amps) and 260Amp hours deep cycle capacity with the availability of 85-90% (depth of discharge) unlike an AGMs 50%. Lithium batteries also have the weight advantage, being 11 kilograms each compared to a 120-amp hour AGM of 32kgs, so a decent weight saving is achieved by replacing both crank and AGM under bonnet. DCS Lithuim batteries are also rated for heat generated in engine bay and come with a 3 year under bonnet warranty.

DCS Lithium batteries come with built in Battery Management System (BMS) and integrated Solar power input/ solar controller 80V/ 20A MPPT regulator.

The Hybrid kit for the 200 series (as pictured above) also comes with replacement Stainless Steel battery brackets and hook bolt. The kit also includes Victron Connect Smart Battery Protect 65amp to isolate batteries to allow for cranking from the current draw due to fridge etc. All harnesses are had in house from 35mm2 Weldflex cable and covered in split tube.

DCS Have Hybrid kits to suit the New 300 series (180 AH), 100 series twin crank, Toyota Hilux and the 70 series V8 (180AH). Standard DCS Lithium batteries can be fitted to many other makes of 4WDs in either standard or slimline for in cab mounting. For more information, please visit www.deepcyclesystems.com.au

DCS Lithium Installations Mt Barker

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