Accessory wiring Dual Anderson/ Tow Pro

Xpedition Concepts can supply and install additional heavy cable to power your caravan house batteries, Caravan ESC stability system or Constant power for ALKO Sensa Brake system. We only use quality cable with rated amperage to supply the current draw demand of today’s modern Caravan house power systems. Here we were installing 6BnS (13.5mm2) cable to charge the Caravan house batteries via a Grey 50amp Anderson and another 8BnS cable to give the Alko Sensa Brake unit constant power via a Blue Anderson Plug (as per caravan manufacturers recommendations). We fuse the crank battery end of cables utilising Midi Fuse(s) and holder(s) and recommend fusing the house battery end to protect both feed sources should a cable rub through along vehicle or drawbar.

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